101 Recipes For Making Wild Wine At Home – John Peragine


You would be hard-pressed to find Monkey Wine at your local store, but thanks to John Peragine\’s 101 Recipes For Making Wild Wine At Home you can attempt to make it yourself, provided you have 3 lbs. of ripe bananas and some raisins on hand. In fact, Peragine shows you how to make wine out of anything; from citrus fruits to Brussels Sprouts. And for the sticklers among you, yes, you can learn how to make some from grapes as well.

The U.S. government allows each individual to male 100 gallons of wine per year (200 total per household) and Peragine wants you to take advantage of that to the the fullest; not just for economics sake but for the pleasure as well. As he states in the introduction:

I warn you, once you start making your own wine, you will not be able to stop. The basic process is simple, but the subtle variations in ingredients, maturation time, and other variables are what make the process so intriguing. Every batch of wine you create will take on a character and life of its own.

Peragine covers the whole process an easy-to-follow manner, from purchasing your equipment, testing your water to bottling. He also includes a number of personal stories from other home winemakers and shares their advice. If you\’ve always wanted to make your own wine, but aren\’t ready to spend millions on your own Napa estate, this is the book to get you started.

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