The Official Tony Coturri Wine Fridge


One of the perks of working at the Organic Wine Journal is sometimes a favorite winemaker stops by on Thanksgiving. And you can convince them to do some weird things in the spirit of the holidays. Tony Coturri was in New York City to serve his wines at the James Beard House dinner, but stopped over beforehand with his entourage to have some drinks with our guests.

The wine fridge may be small, you make these sacrifices living in the city, but we have the only officially-dedicated Tony Coturri wine fridge in existence. Speeches were given, toasts were made, and this seemed like a good idea after all the wine we already had before Tony showed up.


4 responses to “The Official Tony Coturri Wine Fridge”

  1. Phil Coturri Avatar
    Phil Coturri

    and Tony has always excelled in opening wine fridges

    1. Adam Morganstern Avatar
      Adam Morganstern

      It’s a good skill.

  2. Sandy Zimmermann Avatar
    Sandy Zimmermann

    Come on….that can’t be ‘our’ Tony. Where are the overalls? What’s with the styled “do”? Only kidding because we all know that Tony can hang with the best of them….but we like his Glen Ellen style best of all. Come back soon, Tony. You are missed.

  3. Mickey Phoenix Avatar
    Mickey Phoenix

    Tony dedicated.. unofficially of course.. my wine fridge that I made from a 20 year old Dr. Pepper tall cooler..that I found on the side of the road on Jensen Drive in Houston.. I cleaned it up .. replaced the compressor motor.. He helped find a temperature gauge for it and voila.. I have a glass door “wine cellar”.. In know..we don’t have cellars.. so we have to improvise.. THANK YOU Tony.. I can see that your skills have improved.. Of course we stock it with only Coturri Wines.. the best .. LOVE YOU.. Mickey

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