Millton Vineyards Receives Demeter Certification

Pioneers in biodynamic winegrowing in New Zealand since 1983, James and Annie Millton\’s winery, Millton Vineyards has recently received Demeter Certification. \”It is great to see that my twenty six years of experience as a biodynamic winegrower are proving to be a useful foundation for the growth and acceptance of this methodology,\” says James, who was instrumental in developing the Demeter wine standards in conjunction with the NZ Biodynamic Association.

Demeter is the only ecological association that has built up a network of individual certification organizations for agricultural products and represents more than 4.200 producers in 43 countries, with only 60 wineries recognized worldwide. Demeter Certification is based on the Biodynamic method, developed in 1924 by Dr Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamics focuses on treating the soil as a living organism and using a unique process of vineyard preparations and practices. As interest and demand for biodynamically grown products increases, this very unique and innovative method of cultivation is gaining more credence.

\”It is somewhat amusing to consider that the conventional practice is centered around the control of \’dis-ease\’ whereas building harmony and balance is quite considerably easier to achieve with such innovative practice as we use,\” says James. \”By recognizing the energy and life forces within the universe all of the work of the farm is planned in the context of the wider pattern of lunar and cosmic rhythms. \”Biodynamic farming takes a proactive rather than reactive approach to all aspects in the vineyard. Before a wine can be great, it must first be true\”.

The Millton Vineyard is the only New Zealand wine producer in the union of producers commonly referred to as the \’Return to Terroir – La Renaissance des Appellations\”( This group of 120 biodynamic wine producers come together several times a year to host tastings and exhibitions in cities globally including New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and London.


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