Harris Organic Wines Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Congratulations to Australia\’s Harris Organic Wines which is celebrating their tenth anniversary. In honor of the occasion, Duncan and Deborah Harris are releasing their first sparkling wine, \”Madeleine Claire,\” named after their daughter. Learn more about Harris Wines at ledaswan.com.


2 responses to “Harris Organic Wines Celebrates 10th Anniversary”

  1. Just got back from running the wine roads of France – a 25-year obsession. Interestingly, for the first time a met a fair number of wine growers who were using “biodynamic” techniques – which seem to have eclipsed simply organic methods (e.g., planting root stocks far enough down below the top soil so that the roots don’t turn back up for their nutrients. Is there a difference, or ae the 2 terms synonymous?

  2. There are some similarities between biodynamic Steiner and organic methods.
    My summation of the steiner methods is that the methods are designed to make you love your vineyard. If you don’t have enthusiasm for your vineyard and love your vines, you have no hope of conducting biodynamics.

    As I love my vineyard, I have no need to practice biodynamics.

    As to planting vines at a greater depth, this depends of a number of parameters. The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia has all the information require re planting of vines.

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