Coturri Teams Up With Jenny & Francois

When when of our favorite wineries teams up with one of our favorite importers it can only mean good news for New York wine lovers. Coturri Winery is now going to be represented by Jenny & Francois Selections. Known for their collection of natural wines from France, this will be the first U.S. wine the importer will carry. The Organic Wine Journal spoke with Jenny Lefcourt about the news.

This is the first U.S. wine in your portfolio. Why Coturri?

It\’s the only American wine I drink on a regular basis. It\’s 100% the same philosophy of the wineries we work with in France. We\’ve recently expanded to Italy and Spain as well, so we\’re spreading our borders.

Tony has a loyal following. What will you do to increase interest in his wines?

In the past two years there\’s been a tremendous interest in natural wines. It\’s a perfect moment to remind people that Coturri has always been in the spirit of that.

How many labels will you carry?

Right now we have 8 labels in stock. We\’ll test the waters with those and see what people\’s interest are. One of my favorites is the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Will you be concentrating more on restaurants or wine stores?

Both. I believe in these wines. Everyone should have an opportunity to taste them. I don\’t present any of my labels as a niche wine. There are so many palettes out there. These wines are well balanced and have the acidity that a lot of California wines lack. Coturris are perfect for Thanksgiving. Beautiful complexity.

How long have you been drinking Coturri wines?

At least 8 years, I\’ve always been a big fan.


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  1. Good news as most distributors had no idea what they were working with when they worked with Tony’s wines. Now he has an importer that understands the wines which is so important. I can see the wines being better represented in some of the spots J&F sell to and hopefully other places as well.

    1. Adam Morganstern Avatar
      Adam Morganstern

      Yes, I hope this is finally the right combination for Coturri.

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