Organic Wine Journal\’s 7th Inning Stretch

We\’re getting into late August which means grapes all over the Northern Hemisphere are ripening, weather forecasts are being watched more closely, and we here at the Organic Wine Journal are taking a breather.  Between baseball games and late summer getaways, we\’ve been tasting lots of incredible organic, natural, and biodynamic wines while taking copious notes for you, our loyal readers.  We\’re also hard at work behind the scenes acquiring new and interesting content for our site in the near future.

So enjoy your roses, bubbles, crisp whites or slightly chilled reds and we\’ll see you in a few weeks with many new features, reviews, and announcements.  Until then, we\’ll be the guys sneaking a screw top bottle full of Gruner Veltliner into the baseball game and pairing it with every piece of junk food under the sun.


Greg, Adam, & Jonathan


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