How To Spit Wine

Lyle Fass demonstrates the right and wrong way to spit your wine at a tasting. Remember, Lyle is a trained professional. Do not attempt this at home.


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  1. Cool video on a topic that is rarely covered.

    My difficulty w/ spitting technique is the finish- I get a good stream, and then finish with either some chin dribble, or p-pp-ppp-mist… Not a big deal if I’m directly over the bucket, but if I need a little trajectory, I’m leaving a trail.

  2. My problem is the stream arcs back onto my chin. I need to practice more in private…I should probably stop dribbling water into a coffee mug in my cube for now.

  3. Laurie T. Avatar
    Laurie T.

    I went to my first “professional” wine tasting last week. A mighty selection of Austrian wines were displayed – I’m working on a project for the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. It was my first time spittin’ into the bucket and I was entirely too self-conscious about my technique. I too watched the pros deliver near perfect long-streamed shots into the spit bucket and I tried heartily to follow suit.

    Whether or not I looked like an amateur I do not know, but I must admit I felt at first silly spitting my wine into a shared bucket, which was often a frothy mess.

    Amusing and informative video. I hope my technique improves based on your tips.

  4. Great video! Never seen the “invisible spit” myself, but then I guess that’s the point, eh? Another thing I’ve noticed at trade tastings is the buckets they use are usually too shallow to allow more forceful spits, even if accurate. I favored the trash cans 🙂

    My 2 cents, in video format:

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