Organic Wine Tasting at Union Square Wines, April 16th

Union Square Wines is pleased to welcome Adam Morganstern of the Organic Wine Journal to the Salon for a luxury tasting of top organic cuvées from around the world! Organic Wine Journal is the premier online source for all eco-friendly queries and Mr. Morganstern, joined by OWJ\’s \”green wine\” guru Greg Wacks, is ready to elaborate and elucidate on biodynamic practices, certified (and uncertified) organic, and sustainable farming! These terms are more pertinent than ever as farmers turn to earth-friendly practices and consumers look for natural products in shops across NYC!

Attendees can look forward to a stunning lineup of natural wines from France, Austria, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, and the US! Savory meats and artisanal cheeses will be served following the formal presentation sourced from Murray\’s Cheese and Saxelby Cheesemongers! Join USQ and Organic Wine Journal in celebrating the organic movement and the vinous fruits of its labor!

Reservations are required to attend this tasting. Reservations cost just $20 and include a $10 wine voucher valid towards purchases the night of the event! Click here to sign up.


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