Real Wines For Hard Times – With Lyle Fass – Episode 102

Lyle Fass kicks off a new series devoted to great wine values under $25. In this episode, Lyle tries another red and does what most reviewers fail to do; retaste the wines he\’s already discussed.

Chateau Brana \”Ohitza\” Irouleguy 2006 $19.99


5 responses to “Real Wines For Hard Times – With Lyle Fass – Episode 102”

  1. I hadn’t noticed the first time around: Lamp looks great.

    And did you know that Vaynerchuk pronounces the “meunier” in Pinot Meunier the same way you pronounce the initial dominant aroma of the Irouleguy?

    Good job. Still gotta work on the slurping.


  2. LL,

    I just shot a segment on spitting. If I can’t eliminate it, why not embrace it.

  3. Lyle, nice job.

    I was struck by your brief mention of rusticity in wine. I think this might be an interesting topic to pursue. Why is rustic considered bad in wine? Why do we want our wines, as you say, polished? Is it because we want a separation of product and the farm? Is “real” too real? Is it too challenging?

    Anyway, you got me thinking about it.

  4. Thanks, Lyle. Just great. You’re truly a natural as a wine critic and with the production values being what they are, your rusticity is refreshing. For sure, you’ve taken into the new streaming age. Thanks again. I really hope you enjoy doing these. JR

  5. Hank,

    That is a great idea! I have no idea why people hate rusticity in their wine but love “rustic Italian meals.” Never understood the disconect.


    Good to see you hear. Glad you like it. So much more fun to come. We had a great shoot on Friday. I love being called rustic by the way.

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