Real Wines For Hard Times – With Lyle Fass

Lyle Fass kicks off a new video series devoted to great wine values under $25. In this episode, Lyle reviews 2 red wines from France:

Domaine Pothiers Cote Roannaise Cuvee Reference 2007 ($9.99)

Catherine & Pierre Breton Bourgueil Franc de Pied 2007 ($19.99)


7 responses to “Real Wines For Hard Times – With Lyle Fass”

  1. Great first vlog, Lyle.

    Do get rid of those other bottles; only show the ones you’re going to talk about.

    I, too, am partial to Breton; I visited there back in ’99.

    And where’s the New York Mets banner? 🙂

  2. Good job Lyle! I definetely would love to try the Breton!

  3. Great Stuff!!!

    When will we get to hear about the other 3?

  4. […] Marzo 27, 2009 · No hay comentarios Lo primero es lo primero: Una felicitación para mi buen amigo Lyle Fass, que se recicla de nuevo y nos trae su primera intentona como videobloguero en el Organic Wine Journal: […]

  5. Glad you all liked. Much more work to be done. No way is there a Mets logo. Gotta do my own thing and not bite.

    Breton just rocks and is making better and better wine but wait till you taste the Baudry ’07’s. Those are ridiculous wines.

  6. Lyle, great video. I enjoyed the tasting notes and the whole tone of your program, the focus, and the background. Nice work!

  7. Joshua Perry Avatar
    Joshua Perry

    This is awesome! I hope to see these on a regular basis. Well put-together, very informative and fun to watch. Thanks Lyle.

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