President Obama Serves Organic Wine At First White House Dinner

Two weeks ago President Obama threw his first White House dinner for the political elite. He had the state governors over. President Obama served organic wine. Yes, our new President, a man who loves wine, and has his own wine collection, chose to do the right thing and not poison his guests. Obama served three wines: a California Spottswoode, Oregon’s Archery Summit and Michigan’s Black Star Farms ice wine. We’ve had a grin on our face for weeks after learning the news. Why? Because we believe events like this will make the country understand that drinking organic and biodynamic wines is the right thing to do.

They are the right thing to do for their terroir-focused flavors and tastes. They are the right thing to drink because they don’t poison farm workers, earthworms, birds and insects. They are the right thing to drink because they don’t add toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to the land and the water that irrigates it. Clearly President Obama “gets it” and understands that as part of raising the consciousness of all we eat and drink “going organic” includes wine as well as food.

This is a shot across the bow to conventional wine makers and other poisoners of the environment. Obama has come through for Organic Wine Journal readers.

Happy Drinking Mr. President.


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  1. Right, Obama really cares about all that. That’s why he supported the last Farm Bill which continued and increased the disgraceful subsidies to corn growers that do more to poison our land than whatever pesticides some maker of spoof juice in Napa is putting in the ground. Give me a break.

  2. Pretty strong language, saying Obama chose not to “poison his guests.” I’m all for organic and biodynamic wines, but it’s this kind of extreme rhetorical language that now has me avoiding your website all together.

  3. Adam Morganstern Avatar
    Adam Morganstern

    Hi Zane,

    The majority of our content is pro organic/biodynamic/natural without commenting on conventional. The impassioned language was written as an editorial, so it’s a shame to miss out on some great information based on one article.


  4. Cheryll Avatar

    Unfortunately, the organic standards do not forbid the use of pesticides or herbicides–just the synthetically derived ones. Some organic pesticides (rotenone, for example) are far more deadly, and less specific, than some of their synthetic alternatives.

    If you truly want to avoid poisons, choose the Biodynamic wines instead.

  5. I would like to clarify that the Black Star Farms Ice Wine is not “organic”. Our company practices low impact viticulture for the grapes in this wine as well as all of our others. This wine was made in an old world style in the cellar and was minimally handled. Black Star Farms does practice a number of sustainable agriculture practices and is an environmentally friendly farm. For more information visit our website at

  6. suzanne Avatar

    Archery Summit isn’t organic either.

  7. kerrie Avatar

    So just out of curiosity, could you please clarify just WHICH “organic” wines were served at the White House? Thanks!

  8. kerrie Avatar

    Now I’m REALLY curious. I checked Archery summit’s website and they do not appear to be organic growers. Black Star Farms practices sustainable agriculture and only Spottswood appears to grow their grapes organically. Do you know something we don’t know? If so, please share. Otherwise, I may have to make the assumption that the editorial has not been carefully written.

  9. Marlene Avatar

    I’m confused. Did Obama actually serve organic wine at the White House?

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