Return to Terroir – New York

\"rtt-5\"The fifth American tasting of the Return To Terroir group took place in New York yesterday. Eighty wineries from around the world were there to pour wines and discuss biodynamic methods and philosophy. The group was founded by Nicolas Joly in 2001 and to be accepted a winery must not only adopt biodynamic practices, but also produce a superior quality wine that will pass the tasting panel of the group\’s directors.


We\’ve got numerous interviews and reviews that we\’ll be posting in the months ahead. Our new reporter, Lyle Fass, has been brought into the video age thanks to our new partner Greg Wacks, who\’s been a producer at VH1 and MTV for the past decade. Lyle talked with his favorite wineries in the show and also did on camera tastings with them. And in a celebration of all those who\’ve been kicked off the Robert Parker boards, we taped a discussion of biodynamics between him and Alice Feiring.


The day before the event we sat down with Nicolas Joly at Appellation Wines for a more relaxed hour-long video interview, that we\’ll be posting in segments. To really understand his passion for biodynamics a written interview just wouldn\’t do. We also taped a long discussion with Julian Castagna, of Castagna Vineyard, arguably the most interesting winegrower in Australia. Julian talks about his ideals, his problems with the current state of Australian winemaking, and why you won\’t find \”Shiraz\” on his bottle.


During the show, I also did interviews with \”rock star\” Alec Kristancic of Movia in Slovenia, Mike Benziger, Telmo Rodriguez from Spain and Robert Sinskey among others. Alec never failed to have a crowd of admirers around his table and whenever word spread that he was decanting a bottle of his Lunar wine people began rushing over. Telmo is a very thoughful guy, and discusses how Spanish wines are losing their identity. Mike Benziger has become one of the leading voices of biodynamics in the United States and talks about how he\’s never had a job outside of wine. And Robert Sinskey describes how being an adrenaline junkie is what leads him to make Pinot Noir.

All these interviews, and many others, will be coming online soon. Be sure to come back.


3 responses to “Return to Terroir – New York”

  1. I’m looking forward to the interview w/ Alice. This site rocks!

  2. Ken Sternberg Avatar
    Ken Sternberg

    This sounds like such a good even. Important too, in that consumers and trade need to know that really delicious naturally made wines exist. Alice Feiring, though, is really about one-100th substance and the rest is angry egocentric diatribes that are simply mean-spirited bad writing. No one should give her any more attention than she has somehow managed to swipe.

  3. Cant wait for the video stuff.

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