Organic Sake From California

What is more California than fresh, local sake?

Our gorgeous state is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. This locally produced sake is a perfect example. California has long been influenced by Japanese culture and foods. But just like Cabernet grapes from France, we are discovering that we can also produce great sake with special sake rice from Japan.

If your only experience with sake has been the hot, cheap and nasty rocket fuel that comes out of 18 liter boxes, then this sake will be an eyeopener.

Premium sake is almost always consumed chilled. It is usually about 15-16% alcohol ( about the same as many Aussie Shiraz or Red Zinfandel from Cali!). You probably thought sake was higher in alcohol because you drank it hot, the fumes of warm alcohol gave you the impression of a higher alcohol percentage.
This sake is a Nama, or unpastuerized, sake so you can really taste the fresh ricey flavors. It also means it should be kept refrigerated and consumed as soon as possible after it was brewed.

Sho Chiku Bai is made by Takara Sake and is widely available (try Wholefoods or any local Asian grocery store).
Grab a california roll and enjoy!

SHO CHIKU BAI Organic Nama $7.50
Type: Junmai Nama / Draft (Organic)

It\’s totally natural, using OCIA certified rice harvested from the Sacramento Valley with absolutely no preservatives, no alcohol, and no sulfites added. It is brewed under the direction of Takara\’s master brewer combining the most traditional methods with modern technology to arrive at the Ginjo grade.

Character: Full, dry and balanced flavor with fruity and fresh taste
Dry/Sweet: +5 (dry)
Texture: Soft and smooth
Aroma: Pleasant ginjo aroma
Suggestions: Cold seafoods, sushi, etc
Serving: Chilled
Pairing food: Cold or vinegar-marinated
Alcohol: 15%
Size: 300ml


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  1. Hello,

    I have just released my new book, “Wines for Health” in which I have a chapter on Sake. On page 123 I talk about your Sama Organic Sake and include a picture of your product.

    The book is available on,Barnes&Noble,Borders,, and will be on Kindle
    in 13 countries by Christmas 2011.

    I will be doing a segment on a national television network for the upcoming holidays and will be talking about my book and organic wine and would like to have some samples of your product to display and talk about.

    If you are interested please send me a case of assorted sizes so I may display them properly on the show.

    Send to: Wines for Health
    5 School Lane
    Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743 USA
    631 271 1610

    Please include a press release for my review.

    As we get closer to the date of the show, I will e mail you all the information you need to know.

    Yours in spirits,
    Joseph Bertuccio

    1. Organic Wine Journal Avatar
      Organic Wine Journal

      Hi Joseph, you will probably want to contact the winery directly.

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