Tony Coturri on being in The Wine Report

In the latest edition of Tom Stevenson’s book WINE REPORT 2009 published by DK Publishing, we have received a meaningful review. The WINE REPORT isn’t a typical rating publication like Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate or the Wine Spectator. It’s a book for savvy wine lovers. It’s a European standard. The trends in the wine world are discussed. When a winery is mentioned in the book it’s more than having a good wine, it’s noting an effort for excellence.

The section we were recognized in is the \”Organic & Biodynamic Wines.\” Monty Walden is the writer who reported on the trends in the Organic and Biodynamic wine world. Monte has been specializing for the last decades in this area. He makes the effort to visit wineries, not to just taste their latest releases but to try to understand what they are doing. When he recognizes a winery in this area he has thought about it.

We have been making wine for almost 30 years. We have been using properly grown organic and now biodynamic fruit because we believe that it’s better. We trust grapes grown that way. We use the natural yeast that are on the skins for the fermentations because nothing has been introduced into the vineyard that will inhibit or lessen them. We don’t manipulate the must with sulfur dioxide, genetically selected yeasts, yeast nutrients, stabilizers, water, acid additions or deacidification, we don’t add or take out anything from the grapes, must or wine. We do this because it makes better wines and is in keeping in the tradition and values of pure foods. Organic and biodynamic practices are not marketing tools but are for quality. Monty understands and also understands how hard it is to do this. When Monty chose us for this section it was done deliberately and carefully.

Looking over the names of the “Greatest Wine Producers” is a roster of some of the finest wine producers in the world, regardless of organic or biodynamic practices. The same holds for the “Greatest-Quality Wines”. This is a great honor and recognition of our efforts.


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