Alan York – The Concept

Alan York of Benizger Winery talks about the concept of biodynamics.

This series of videos is brought to us by Deborah Gavito of Counter Restaurant.


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  1. Bobby Grimes Avatar
    Bobby Grimes

    Aloha and many thanks to Deborah for creating the space for this unique insight to be shared. Mahalo to Alan York for his continued pursuits in understanding and sharing Biodynamics. Bobby G, Hamakua Coast, Hawaii.

  2. Stan Robison Avatar
    Stan Robison

    Just wanted to tell you hello, Alan. Looks like you’ve done well. Best of luck. Stan Robison, Bayou Vista, La.

  3. Karen Hardy Avatar
    Karen Hardy

    For a concise video overview, also see Alan York’s explanation of biodynamics on the Organic Wine Journal’s website:
    Link from this page:

    Blessings and Balance,
    K 🙂

  4. […] a concise video overview, also see Alan York’s explanation of biodynamics on the Organic Wine […]

  5. That was the biggest waste of 4 minutes 58 seconds of my life. Alan, you essentially said a whole lot of nothing, with no specifcs.

    I watched your video hoping to understand biodynamics. You said NOTHING which explains it.

    However, when I go to Wikipedia, I see this:

    In a newspaper editorial, Peter Treue argued that similar or equal results can be obtained using standard organic farming principles (which he also criticized as unproven in efficacy) and that the biodynamic preparations more resemble alchemy or magic akin to geomancy.[34]
    In a 1994 analysis, Holger Kirchmann concluded that Steiner’s instructions were occult and dogmatic, and cannot contribute to the development of alternative or sustainable agriculture and that many of Steiner’s statements are not provable because scientifically clear hypotheses cannot be made from his descriptions (for example, it is hard to prove that you have harnessed “cosmic forces” in the foods). Kirchmann asserted that when methods of biodynamic agriculture were tested scientifically, the results were unconvincing.[35] Further, in a 2004 overview of biodynamic agriculture, Linda Chalker-Scott pointed out that many of the research articles comparing biodynamics with conventional agriculture did not separate the use of biodynamic preparations from practices used in organic agriculture. The term “biodynamic” should not be used interchangeably with “organic” agriculture. Chalker-Scott concluded that “scientific testing of biodynamic preparations is limited and no evidence exists that addition of these preparations improves plant or soil quality in organically managed landscapes.”[36]

  6. I have to agree with Bob. Alan explained absolutely nothing dealing with the subject. I believe this video should not be linked to biodynamics in any fashion considering he does nothing more than mentions the word a couple of times. On the up side, he would make a good politician.

  7. Roman Petr Avatar
    Roman Petr

    Both, Bob & Karen simply do not experience the nuace and the
    real meaning of biodynamic, they need mortal understanding,
    explanation. Simply you there,or not. To get there, they need to educate them selfs and eventually they will experience the meaning of a lot of things, not just biodynamic.
    Alan is a beautiful human being
    Peace, Roman

  8. Hi Alan,

    This is a very wise and carefully worded explanation with very pertinent examples to draw from.

  9. Bob's Nemesis Avatar
    Bob’s Nemesis

    Hey BOB: Actually he says it all. If you build a corn farm on hill in california you’ll know you didnt undertand the uniqueness of the land. Add to that the the soil, climate, water, manual resources, pests, weather patterns, beneficial insect attracting native vegetation, vegetation that attracts the unwanted pests and you have your self an inkling of what can or can not be done. Conventional farming fights against most of that using chemicals, energy and brute force. In turn this often leads to throwing the eco system out of balance. As in it kills shit that the dirt needs to be healthy. Sure makes sense to me….

  10. Hilmar Moore Avatar
    Hilmar Moore

    I only wish Alan had a longer time to hold forth on biodynamics. His explanations of this complex subject are invariably interesting and well thought through. It will always be difficult for traditional science to research biodynamics and for those trained in that method of thinking to comprehend it. Just the way it is.

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