Far Niente Winery Goes Solar

Far Niente winery in Napa Valley is now providing for 100% of its energy needs through solar power. To avoid taking up valuable vineyard land, the photovoltaic panels are floating on their irrigation pond.

Many wineries are already using solar power, including organic winemakers Grgich Hills and Frog\’s Leap.

Read the full story in The San Francisco Chronicle.


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  1. Who cares? Solar is a rich man’s game, Adam. Have you priced out a solar system for your house? Amazing. Its all done for marketing. And now we have the competitive nature of Napa coming out, where the systems have to be “bigger, better, or weirder than yours”. Floating is a good one.

    How ’bout these wineries concentrate on using less water, using less harsh chemicals in the winery, using less diesel in the tractor discing 5-6 times a year. Using less petrol-fertilizers.

    Oh wait, I get it. Those are all good, but you can’t SEE those things, can you…

  2. Adam Morganstern Avatar
    Adam Morganstern

    Hey Hank. We get contacted by a lot of different groups from outside the wine world. Most recently from a site that focuses on green architecture, who wanted to know if there were wineries who were using solar power and other sustainable building practices. So this was in the back of my head when I came across the SF article.

    We don’t link to a lot of outside pieces – it’s more of a spur of the moment thing. For our own articles, we concentrate on the things you pointed out – whether a winery uses chemicals, petrol-fertilizers, etc. I’ve turned down many requests to cover wineries who have earth-friendly buildings and such, but don’t carry this philosophy down to the grapes.

    Anyway, glad you’re reading and commenting. How about doing an article for us sometime?

  3. virginia Avatar

    Not only for the rich. I have lived primarily solar and alternative energy for the last 20 years out of necessity. You can make it work if you change your evil ways and conserve. You have to make changes in your consumption and it will all fall into place. You got to believe to be a visionary.

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