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One of my favorite travel experiences came back to me the other day when a friend e-mailed me photos she took at the Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain. Aisle after aisle of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, cheese and fish. For an eater of local and sustainable food, this is one of the Meccas for slow food ingredients. The images of artfully arrayed, non-processed foods brought a smile to my face and peace to my soul.

When I was last there, many years ago, I became separated from my wife. Somehow, I lost her and simultaneously found myself sitting at one of the restaurant counters around the perimeter and decided to have what everyone else was eating. The food looked invitingly fresh and delicious. Everyone was also drinking cava so I just had to have one too. Ordinarily, I don’t drink at lunch, but there was celebration in the air. As I was happily eating and drinking cava, my wife found me, and the next thing I heard were the words, “Do you know what you’re drinking?” Startled and laughing I answered, “Yes, cava. It’s a Spanish type of champagne.” Ten years later, whenever we see a bottle of cava, we do a rendition of that interchange and it still provokes laughter.

Ten years later, there is really good news to go with that laughter – a certified organic cava. It’s Can Vendrell Cava Brut Reserva and it’s simply delicious. The Spanish, long-time respecters of their ancient soil, have decided that a refreshing drink can also be an ethical one. Organic Vintners imports it, and has made it part of their Organic Wine Journal White Wine package.

So, yes, I do know what I am doing. Once again I’m enjoying local fresh food and pairing it with some cava, but this time it will be organic.

Here are some recent photos of the Boqueria market, courtesy of Katherine Birch.


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  1. joaquin Avatar

    yes, i have been there! great place!

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