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The Organic Wine Journal is about to grow a new shoot… our web site. There\’s been a lot of progress since our debut. We\’ve written numerous articles and reviews, we\’ve launched our Organic Winemaking Adventure with Tony Coturri that takes place in the fall. Wine journalists now seek us out for our comments; we are cited and noted in more and more places thirsty for news and information about organic wine.

We have our first sponsors, Chartrand Imports and The Biodynamic Farming Association. These courageous folks are helping us toward our own goal of sustainability. We have hired energetic staff (aka Nicki Sizemore) who can set up publicity, marketing, and event coordination with anyone wanting to participate in the organic wine world. We have already started to cater to the Greengeeks complaints.

Our mission remains clear. We want to be the town crier and clearinghouse for organic, biodynamic and sustainable growers, vintners, distributors, retailers, restaurants, and wine bars. Not to mention organic grape growing regions and states. Toward that end we are going to step up our information outreach program. We need reports from the field about harvests, bottlings and tastings. We need to hear from everyone with something to contribute about saving the planet one glass at a time. We would love to hear from you bloggers about what tastes are on your palette.

One of the ways we know are on the right track is that Gourmet Magazine, the bible of good eating, tell us so. In their February issue, the champion of sustainability and artisnal authenticity, Ruth Reichl, writes a wonderful letter from the editor column about…the new Gourmet web site. She extols the virtues of being on line, saying, \”The digital world is an amazing place, an infinite sphere that can simultaneously give you all the latest up-to-the-minute news while also stretching back in time.\” Yes, Ruth, we at OWJ agree completely. We want a biodynamic grower in Argentina to read about what an organic vintner is doing in New Zealand. We want instantaneous information to go from South Africa to New York to the Rhone Valley; a worldwide loop.

We hope you like our new site. It is always going to be a work in progress. Like a fine organic wine, it will refine itself over time. It will evolve into a more mature and complex site with age. But it is ready to read now, so please enjoy.


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