No More Wine Word Processing

The mess involved in launching a new website is quickly reflected on your computer desktop. A million file icons spread out all over and you can barely remember what they’re all for, which you really needed and which you meant to delete. Somewhere in the middle, you remember that all the programming in the world is no substitute for content – so you try writing an article – but in the background are all those files reminding you of the chaos underneath. Sure, you can stretch out Microsoft Word to cover everything (not a pretty sight in itself) but it’s only slightly effective, like throwing a blanket over a pile of garbage.

The solution? If you’re thinking it’s time to clean up the desktop, you’re in a different world than me. One project’s mess will soon be replaced by another. Instead, I’ve found another savior. It’s called WriteRoom.

WriteRoom is the simplest of word processors. It fills your entire screen with the background color you choose and then you just type words in this beautiful ethereal space of nothingness. There’s no formatting or styles. No menus of endless options for you to play with. All the other programs have disappeared, leaving just you and your writing.

It used to be interesting to see all the new features Microsoft Word would come out with. Wow, I can add chapter titles now… who cares if I’m only writing one page. Chapter titles are fun, I think I’ll play with that for half an hour. Then I’ll check out that footnote function.

Somewhere along the line, many of us lost track of writing vs. formatting. All the functionality in the world doesn’t mean you actually have a place you enjoy creating. WriteRoom is the computer equivalent of that favorite notebook you used to have. The one that just made you want to take out a pen start writing.

It’s not a selfish program either; it plays well with others. You can take text from other programs (such as your email or even another word processor) transfer it to WriteRoom to work on, and then transfer it back seamlessly. Or you can start in WriteRoom and then export it where you need to.

So, my first blog has nothing to with wine, but everything to do about how I will be writing about wine from now on.

This is a “writing” program. Start using it and you’ll realize the phrase “word processor” has been annoying you for years.

WriteRoom is availble from Hog Bay Sofware.


2 responses to “No More Wine Word Processing”

  1. What a wonderful article! Very informative, thank you!

  2. Hey Adam, congratulations on the launch of the new design! It really looks great. Really just what it should be. Organized, filled with educational informative content, amazing photographs and… familiar faces!!

    Your first blog article is actually very timely as I have been needing that peace of mind space to write recently. I am easily distracted and…. well, I have never got along with Microsoft Word or Notepad for writing…

    You are SO right! The phrase “word processor” HAS been annoying me for years! 🙂

    Will check out the software and let you know my impressions.

    Other than that, It’s great to see the OWJ’s evolution and look forward to reading your future blog posts!


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