Organic Wine Journal Relaunches

Welcome to the brand new Organic Wine Journal.

It\’s been a great first two years. We have readers in over 100 countries. We\’ve been written up in The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and Decanter magzine. And, most importantly, we\’ve gotten to know some of the greatest winemakers out there.

Our new site is all about content, content, content. We will have regular wine reviews, more interviews with winemakers and chefs, regular bloggers as well as recipes with wine matches.

The improved layout will make it easier to find the articles you\’re looking for; whether you want to learn more about wine basics or delve deeper into biodynamics.

We also encourage you to roam through our directory of wineries and get to know the names behind some of the best wines being made today.

As always, we welcome all submissions. Let us know what\’s going on in your part of the world of organic wine.


One response to “Organic Wine Journal Relaunches”

  1. Do you have any articles about sanitizing carboys? My hubands is making a presentation to a group of wine makers in Canada and he finds more myth than fact about the best way to keep carboys clean between uses.


    Trudy Gibbs

    PS Your article about the pesticides in European wines was interesting. Do you recommend using RO water with added minerals for wine making?

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