Wine Cork Wine Cellar Keychain

Wondering what to do with your old wine corks? Turn them into keychains in two simple steps. When you\’re done, it\’ll be perfect for holding the key to your wine cellar – or any other cellar.


  • wine cork
  • metal screw eye
  • key ring


1. Take the screw eye and screw into the end of your cork.

2. Attach the key ring to the circle end of the screw. Your\’re done.

Wasn\’t that simple?

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2 responses to “Wine Cork Wine Cellar Keychain”

  1. What a fabulous idea!

  2. We’ve been accumulating used corks for years, with the intention of making anti-fly ‘curtains’ for the doors and windows of the winery, but the keyring idea is great.

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