Weingut Wittman

Since 1663 the Wittmans and their ancestors have been wine farmers in the town of Westhofen, in the southern part of the Rheinhessen appellation. Over centuries this tradition was kept and led to the estate in its current form. Guenter and Elisabeth Wittmann and their son Phillipp divide the tasks running the 25 hectare estate.Riesling is the dominant grape of choice but also the Pinot varietals (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris) and Silvaner have a long tradition in the Westhofen. For over one decade the vineyards have been farmed organically according to ecological guidelines.Aside from the goal to maintain a healthy soil for following generations, we are convinced that this commitment to organic farming plays a significant role in the expression of the regional character, the terroir, and the finished wines.Intensive vineyard care during the whole year, low yields and rigorous hand-selection of the grapes are the basis for a high wine quality. Careful processing of the grapes and the must is the next step.Dry wines are marketed as quality wine without attributes and are classified as:- ESTATE Wines: often a blend from several vineyards of the estate, fruitfocused, elegant wines of the different varietals, ideal food companions.- “S” Wines: the grapes for these wines are specially selected from the best vineyards, wines from very ripe fruit, concentrated and significant mineral in the character, the best wines of the Silvaner and the Pinot varietals are in this category.- GREAT GROWTH*: harvested from the “Grand Cru” vineyards of Westhofen, these are Riesling wines with very individual character, mineral focused and distinguished by the limestone soil characteristics. Very concentrated, full bodied and with significant longevity.The fruity and noble-sweet wines of the estate are offered with the traditional attributes such as Spätlese, Auslese, Berrenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese.


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