Weingut Sander

The Sander winery was the first who started organic viticulture in the 1950’s in Germany. In those days, the family’s grandfather thought of treating the vines differently because of the erosion of soil on the slopes; chlorosis of the wines caused by insufficient soil management as well as the illness of his wife. Since then, the winery only produces wines from organic grapes. The winery, with its 50 acres of vines, is located in the Rhone valley, 70 km southwest of Frankfurt. The winery produces premium wines of local, as well as international, grape varieties. The most important grapes are Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. The white wines are fermented, stored and matured in stainless steel vessels under temperature-controlled conditions. This gives us fruit driven, well-balanced wines that show the best characters of the grapes. We do not use oak on the white wines because it often dominates the fruit. We produce the red wines with a long maturation and skin contact to extract as much of the skins as we can. The grapes are treated extremely gently to not extract dry, astringent tannins. The malo fermentation and storage of the wines is in either small barrique barrels or big oak vessels so that the wines have time to gain balance and structure prior to bottling.


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