Vinedos Emiliana

In 1998, after a rigorous selection, Viñedos Emiliana S.A., one of the most important exported and well known Chilean wineries, contributed its best vineyards from the Casablanca, Maipo and Colchagua Valleys to an organic and Biodynamic farming effort, thus creating VOE, a project that is unique in Chile and a pioneer in Latin America. That is how viticulture arose in response to our interests. It combines the sustainability of viticulture with the ongoing search for quality.We have 448.09 hectares organically and biodynamically managed and Certified by IMO and DEMETER respectively.This vision has led us to build a vinification and storage structure oriented towards high quality processes, where grapes and wines are treated gently in order to conserve their particular content.The human resources of VOE are our principal asset. They are the spirit of VOE and are committed to quality, environmental care and social responsibility.At Viñedos Orgánicos Emiliana, quality is constant, from the selection of the land to cultivation, harvesting and finally, to the most meticulous details of vinification and storage. At VOE, quality and respect for man and nature are the pillars of our work.


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  1. We are looking for expanding our wine range. Please send me information and export tarif.

    looking forward hearing from you,

    kind regards,

    Dee van HEijst

  2. Fernando Pavon Avatar
    Fernando Pavon

    Please get in contact with our US importer Banfi Vintners

    Contact Ed Barden

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