Tres Sabores

Our small, family owned ranch on the western Rutherford Benchland of California’s Napa Valley produces organically certified Zinfandel, Cabernet, Petite Syrah, and Petite Verdot grapes, olives, Meyer lemons, and exotic pomegranate cultivars. Tres Sabores: the “Three Flavors” in any wine: those of Terroir, Artisan, and Varietal has made single vineyard wines since 1999. Single vineyard bottlings of Zinfandel are wonderful vehicles for exploring one’s passion for variation of taste and complexity. Zin is delightfully impressionable and takes up the contributions of terroir and artisan in a particularly refreshing way. Zinfandel is a discovery grape and gets the Darwin award for adapting to its particular terroir and thriving on it. It has the capacity to produce fresh, berry-forward, spicy wines of great character. At Tres Sabores, as stewards of the land, we’re devoted to exploring the character of the grapes we grow and producing wines that truly reflect the “voice” of the vineyard. Goats, Sheep, Guinea Hens, Golden Retrievers, Bobcats, Red-Tailed Hawks, Bluebirds, swallows and a host of other denizens contribute mightily to our efforts.


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