The Millton Vineyards

In 1983 James and Annie Millton established their 20 hectare wine domaine on the banks of the Te Arai River near Manutuke where the early settlers first planted grapevines in 1871. This region is situated on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand in the winegrowing appellation of Gisborne. The white wine vineyards are planted with chardonnay, chenin blanc and viognier. The red wine vineyards are planted with merlot, malbec and pinot noir.Since the beginning, all wines have been produced from Biodynamically Grown Grapes and bottled on the property, making this company still the only complete biodynamic wine domaine in New Zealand.Our country, the land and its people are still very young, practicing agriculture for only 200 years. Our soils are young, fresh and fertile and, while still in their juvenile state, we see quite clearly the biodynamic activities offering a vitality and balance to the plants and resulting wines.The Millton Vineyards have been grandstanded into being New Zealand’s leading organic winegrower while this estate’s preference is for quality and sensitive wine production centred on traditional techniques. There are presently only seven certified organic wine producers in this country with Millton being the only grower with their own cellars and maturation facilities.


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