Seresin Estate

The sentinel stone at the entrance to Seresin Estate in Marlborough signals the path to both our winery and our philosophy. The stone bears a subtle handprint, a symbol of the individual and of creative endeavour; it represents our philosophy to blend tradition with technology, to work with natural elements and elicit a true Marlborough character in our wines and our extra virgin olive oils. Organically grown, hand-tended, some fermented with wild yeasts, the grapes from our estate are raised on a cornerstone of working in harmony with nature. Thus we seek to elicit complex flavours and palate texture in both our wines and our extra virgin olive oil. Seresin Estate, founded in 1992 on the Wairau River terraces in Marlborough, gives us natural advantages, basking in the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand and sheltered between the sweep of parallel mountain ranges. The two terraces provide distinct meso-climates and soil types: on the lower terrace, silty loam over free-draining river gravels lends elegance to our white wines, while Pinot Noir thrives on the upper level tongue of clay.


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