Rozendal Farm

Rozendal is a family owned and run biodynamic winery since 2001. The present owners have made wine since 1983. We have six hextares under vine: 4 hectares Merlot, 1 hectare Cabernet Sauvignon and 1 hectare Cabernet Franc. Since 1994 no chemicals have been used on the Farm, and in 2001 we began implementing biodynamic practices. The wine is fermented naturally without sulphur and matured (not aged) for two years in small barrels at a first year temperature of 18 C and second year temperature of 14 C. There is a small country inn (Auberge Rozendal) on the Farm where one can observe the activities. We also make our own dairy products and grow vegetables (all biodynamic). Our Leitmotif is quality in simplicity, and we believe that quality is an estimate of value and therefore always a personal experience.


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  1. Hanneke Avatar

    Hi Adam;

    I was very excited to see South Africa represented on your site, but awfully disappointed when only Rozendal showed up. We have some exquisite organic, biodynamic and FairTrade wineries in this country, how would you feel about putting some more of them on your site? If you want, I could perhaps contribute?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Adam

    I too agree with Hanneke’s comment. Although Rozendal is definitely a fine winery, by no means do they represent even a fraction of South Africa’s organic wine terroir. Wineries like Stellar Winery, Avondale Wines and Waverly Hills are well known and extremely passionate about biodiversity and organic methodologies. A section on your site representing South Africa would be wholly incomplete without making mention of at least these three.

    1. Organic Wine Journal Avatar
      Organic Wine Journal

      Hi Karel, we are updating our entire site including our winery listings. Will be up soon.

  3. May I add the names of Lazanou in Wellington and Reyneke Wines?

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