Presidio Vineyard & Winery

Presidio Vineyard & Winery’s focus is on our high-density, low-yield per vine vineyard planted low to the ground to maximize the refraction of heat from the soil at the winery’s estate vineyard west of the Santa Rita Hills near Lompoc. The Presidio Vineyard’s cool climate and southern-facing exposure are particularly well-suited for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah.Over years of winemaking, Presidio found that using chemical fertilizers led to unbalanced wines with undesirable aromatics. The Presidio Vineyard is Certified Organic and Biodynamic®, using sustainable farming techniques including composts and cover crops sown between the rows to create a healthy and more balanced soil, accentuating the fruit’s desirable aromatics.The final step is the winemaking process, where small fermentation lots are punched down daily then aged in small French oak barrels to add character. The finished wine is bottled unfiltered to maintain the character and aromatics.


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