Poggio Trevvalle

Our wine estate is half-way between the towns of Campagnatico and Grosseto, on both sides of a small hill (“poggio”), at an average altitude of about 70m above sea level. 12 hectares of the estate face south, towards the “Trasubbie” river, whilst the remaining 5 hectares face north, towards Campagnatico.SOIL AND VINEYARDSOur vineyards are all around the winery. The soil is mainly of medium texture, where the presence of stones together with the hilly position leads to good terrain structure and drainage. The land presents a balanced percentage of carbonates and is rich in microelements, which are responsible for the typical red color of the land itself. Our management of the soil focuses on reacquiring biological land fertility and balance, through an accurate program of manure seeding.


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