The MOVIA wine estate has existed since the 18th century, although it became the property of the Kristancic family in 1820. It covers 18 hectares (44 and a half acres), 10 hectares of which lie within the western Slovenian region of Brda and 8 in the neighbouring Italian part of the same area, known as Collio.Our production of wine has never ceased since we became the estate’s owners. Even during the most difficult periods under communism in what used to be Yugoslavia, thanks to my father Mirko, we continued our activity as the only independent and private producers of wine. Between 1949 and 1971, we were the official suppliers to President Tito’s regime. We produce in the region of 100,000 bottles from our 18 hectares of vines, which amounts to an average yield of 40 hectolitres per hectare. The most important investment that any self-respecting wine producer can make is, doubtlessly, in the vineyard. In the first years of a vine’s life, when it is bursting with ‘vitality and enthusiasm’, production needs to be restrained. We thus avoid energy being channelled needlessly into the production of grapes, and further stimulate development. After practically twenty years, we obtain vines of an unparalleled quality that offer excellent substance and maturity, together with precisely the qualitative characteristics to which we aspire. It is for this reason that I chose to distinguish between two wines. The first stems from young, occasionally wayward, vines that are as yet unable to fulfil our optimum objective, but which do make for a young, fresh wine called VILA MARIJA. The second is made from superbly structured, wellestablished vines that grow ‘intelligently’ (energy is no longer wasted in producing excessive foliage and the vines succeed in striking the ideal balance between quantity and quality).


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  1. mark slegers Avatar
    mark slegers

    We enjoyed your wine very much in 2004 in Ljubljana – so much that we returned in 2007 with a group of friends. We hope to return in 2012, our 25th wedding anniversary. We live in the US and would like to come to your winery in Brda. What hotel would you recommend as a place to stay and enjoy the wines of the region?

    Mark Slegers
    Portland, Oregon USA

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