Martin Schaetzel

Our objective in the vines is simple – to produce healthy grapes that reach optimum ripeness and are full of the original mineral elements characteristic of their terroir.To this end, we have been using a wholesome, balanced approach to the vineyards since 1980.Ploughing alternates with natural grass and weed growth, and the biological life of the soil is stimulated by the application of cow manure compost.The living soil encourages the vines’ roots to dig deep, eliminating the seasonal irregularities of their growing cycle. They are thus able to absorb the nutritious mineral elements required to manifest the true essence of their terroir, through a symbiotic association between their roots and mycorrhizae.Our vineyards are protected by the use of natural fungicides (sulphur and copper) to preserve a variety of indigenous yeast flora.Optimised vinification techniques enable us to convey the potential quality of the grapes right the way to the taster’s glass – tailored hand picking, gentle pressing for 6 to 8 hours, to limit trituration, spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels, racking in the spring followed by a maturing period on the lees until bottling.All the technical decisions made at Domaine Martin Schaetzel concentrate on a single objective – enhancing the original character of each terroir.


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