Marc Tempé

From winegrower parents, we grew up in the middle of the vineyard and learned to appreciate it. Since we met more than 20 years ago, our dream has always been to produce our own wine one day. In addition to our daily jobs we have gradually acquired several wine plots. In 1993 we took over our parents’ vineyard. Being at last able to live our dream, we started by working on the vegetal material: ploughing between the vines, short pruning, and organical treatments. 1995 was a milestone year in establishing a winery: transforming the cellar, acquiring winemaking facilities. The decision to go to the biodynamic winemaking method became clear in 1996. We consider that this is the only way to create good wines.Our winery land includes about thirty plots located north-west of Colmar, around the villages of Zellenberg, Sigolsheim and Saint-Hippolyte. The size is 8 hectares including 1,22 hectares classified “Grands Crus”. The average yields are between 40-50 hl/ha. We produce around 45,000 bottles per year, split into three categories: fruit wines, terroir wines and Grands Crus. Our winemaking technique is guided by traditional principles: slow pressing using whole grape bunches, static washing, ageing during 12 to 24 months under the lees, in large berrels, in some cases, moderate filtering done before bottling. All our wines are made without external additives (yeast, sugar…). We use sulfur anhydride as moderately as possible during the bottling phase. Since we use a natural winemaking process with minimum intervening, our wines often contain a high proportion of carbon dioxide. We recommend decanting our wines prior to serving so they show at their best while lose their slight sparkling.


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