Kawarau Estate

Established in 1992, our name is taken from the Kawarau river whose waters flow through Central Otago’s foremost grape-growing micro-climates – the Gibbston Valley, Bannockburn and the Cromwell & Alexandra Basins. Bursting with tales of gold-miners, some identities of which are depicted on our labels – the name is synonymous with Central Otago’s past and present. From the name’s Maori origins to its association with gold mining and, latterly, bungy jumping and Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Kawarau is Central Otago.We are certain too, that through our determination to produce the finest wines, the name Kawarau will continue to be a symbol of the very best that Central Otago has to offer!Whilst mooted as an excellent viticultural prospect as early as the 1860s, the local wine industry was still being pioneered when we established Kawarau Estate. In fact, we were the pioneers of the Cromwell Basin, being the first vineyard to plant on the Wanaka road. In addition to which, and still to this day, we are the only certified organic vineyard in Central Otago and can similarly be counted as one of the pioneers of organic grape growing in New Zealand.Bio-Gro certified since 1996, by blending local knowledge with innovative viticultural and environmental practices, we are creating exceptional award winning wines in an environment that is being cared for with future generations in mind.We believe that organics gives the vines the best platform to express the terroir. A great wine is all about the expression of a vineyard’s unique location, climate and soils. By growing organically, without the interference of pesticides and herbicides, we can deliver this expression in an unadulterated form.Similarly, organic winemaking is strictly regulated such that our wines have lower sulphur residues than non-organic wines and other residues are basically non-existent. As a result the flavours are truly complex and a natural reflection of the terroir.


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