Jasper Hill Vineyard

“True mastery can be gained by letting things go their own way. It can’t be gained by interfering.\” – Tao Te Ching; Chap 48, Mitchell translation, 1988 Harper Collins.This simple philosophy has always pervaded both our grape growing and our wine making, because ultimately, every wine should be a true expression of the place and the season that created it.The esoteric nature of terroir is allowed to express itself purely by not interfering, and is exemplified by comparing our Georgia’s Paddock Shiraz and Emily’s Paddock Shiraz wines, from our two vineyards that are less than 1km apart.The organic viticulture that we have practiced for over twenty years, is now being taken to another level, as we further embrace the concept of Biodynamic agriculture; holistic, intuitive, proven, old fashioned ways of farming.Since inception in the mid seventies, Jasper Hill has always adhered to the three star charter of quality developed by Mr Nicolas Joly, with the extra dimensions of no irrigation of the vines and all vines are own rooted, that is, not grafted on to nonvinifera rootstocks, to give a pure manifestation of the variety.In the winery, we use minimal intervention to maximise the flavours and textures provided by the well balanced grapes. Our quest remains the production of honest wine that you want to drink, wine with a signature that says Jasper Hill, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.In recent years we have developed a close friendship with Michel Chapoutier of the Rhone Valley and jointly planted a small vineyard of shiraz adjacent to Georgia’s Paddock. We both excitedly look forward to the results.


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