Fattoria Castellina

Fattoria Castellina is a farm situated on the hills of Tuscany between Florence and Vinci, with 110 hectares of land, including 10 hectares of vineyard and 30 hectares of olive grove. The remaining is woods that surround the property.In our red wines we endeavor to express our terroir of Chianti Montalbano to its full potential by practicing organic farming and paying close attention to our beautiful landscape, vegetation and animal life. Since 1996, we have been gradually renovating the vines, and in 2000, we restored an old terraced vineyard that was left uncultivated for 20 years. There we have replanted Sangiovese with an “alberello” (small tree) training system and “settonce” planting scheme, widespread in ancient Greece. High plant density (8,300 plants/ha) means that work is done entirely by hand with animaltowed tools. Plants are exposed to the sun throughout the day, allowing the fruit to reach optimal ripeness. Yields are also kept low, maximizing extractive richness.Since 2004 we have been practicing biodynamic agriculture. This path is very gratifying in terms of results on grapes and wine; but more than anything, it has given a new and authentic significance to the work we are doing as well as a sustainable future to agriculture.


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