Evesham Wood Winery

Evesham Wood is a small, subterranean winery producing 3,500 cases annually from four Burgundian and Alsatian varieties grown on our 13 acre estate vineyard, “Le Puits Sec”, in the Willamette Valley’s Eola Hills and other nearby vineyards. All “Le Puits Sec”and “La Grive Bleue” designated wines are made from certified organically grown fruit. “Le Puits Sec” has been farmed organically since 1995, with certification granted in 2000 by Oregon Tilth in compliance with NOP standards. Our guiding philosophy calls for traditional techniques in the vineyard and cellar with little or no intervention. Our Pinot Noir and vineyard-designated Chardonnays are bottled without fining or filtration, and we employ no enzymes, must concentrating or temperature control devices. We are also beginning to implement aspects of biodynamic viticulture at Le Puits Sec and are committed to using only “indigenous” solutions to address vine disease and nutrition issues. Our purpose is to create wine which is a natural and authentic expression of its birthplace, and at a price level which affords the average consumer this experience. Evesham Wood is a founding member of the “Deep Roots Coalition”, an association of small Oregon vintners which advocates the production of wine exclusively from non-irrigated vineyards.


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  1. Please note that on the organic wine journal website, when one links to more info (post dated March 18, 2008), the winery name is misspelled as Evasham in the title.

    1. Adam Morganstern Avatar
      Adam Morganstern

      Thanks for spotting that error. It’s been fixed.

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