Domaine Viret

Advocates of the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture, the Viret family has chosen to employ a particular form of natural viticulture throughout their estate. Known as “cosmoculture”, this is based on cosmotelluric exchanges. Everything is organised in such a way that both vines and wines are able draw on their own natural defences.Work in the vineyards focuses on reorganising the magnetic field and on the application of preparations made from rocks and plants that are often found on the spot.In the winery, everything has been set up to provide continuity with methods applied in the vineyards. The winery, which was built according to ancient architectural rules (angle of the sun, golden number, cubits, etc.) from blocks of stone weighing 3 to 6 metric tons, provides the ideal location in which to make and improve wine. Vinification principles are highly simplistic, since it’s the quality of the raw materials that is of the greatest importance in making a premium wine. All oenological products and technical operations that seek to modify the wine’s intrinsic equilibrium are banished.Their philosophy draws on the principles of geobiology and flows of energy. It is designed to allow for the wine-maker’s own individual and personal interpretation and sensitivity to come into play. The aim is to produce authentic, natural, living wines that faithfully reflect the terroir from which they originate.The sensory perceptions and gustatory merit that a wine is able to offer should represent the achievements of a lengthy period of reflection and effort.


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