Domaine Ostertag

Domaine Ostertag is located in Alsace. It’s a family-owned property of 13 hectares spread out over more than 75 small plots of vines, united by one guiding spirit in 5 villages (Epfig, Nothalten, Itterswiller, Ribeauvillé, Albé).Domaine Ostertag produces 16 different wines classified in 3 different types: Vins de Fruit (Fruit wines), Vins de Pierre (Stone wines) and Vins de Temps (Time and Weather wines).What does Terroir truly mean, this wonderful word unique to the French language, untranslatable in some sense and so diversely understood?Terroir is perhaps nothing more that the earth and the sky which intermingles and displays themselves through the medium of a vine thanks to the enlightened acts of the dissolves. As only the spirit can bring light, the spirit of the winegrower of course, which in the end becomes the spirit of the wine. Terroir is thus not limited to the soil features, of the exposure, of the land, the geology or the slope. Terroir must above all be captured or, rather, tamed.For me, as a winegrower, a wine with Terroir is the wine of a flock of vines whose roots plunge as deep a deep can be and whose leaves cast a high as high can be, as far as the furthest source. And biodynamic by acting on the verticality of the plant and increasing its receptivity to subtle influences, probably reinforces the Terroir, but an enlarged Terroir, stretching form the centre of the earth to the outer reaches of the cosmos, and which the winegrower enlightens through his vision.”


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