Domaine Mosse

All our vines are found in the district of Saint Lambert du Lattay. We cultivate 7 acres of cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon, 17 acres of chenin and a small acreage of gamay, chardonnay, grolleau gris and grolleau rouge. The soil is composed of sand, gravel, quartz and schiste at varying depths.Observations: We plow the soil, de-bud, thin out bunches of grapes and de-foliate by hand. Low yields/ selective harvest by hand/ slow and gentle pressing/ fermentation and maturation in barrels. The grapes are harvested to give minimum alcoholic potentials of 13% for dry whites and reds; 20% for sweet white “Coteaux du Layon.” We practice both organic and biodynamic viticulture (Control Qualité France) As part of a living system, our vines have their own micro-organisms which allow the grapes to ferment with respect to the type of soil in which they are grown. No chemicals, no added sugar, enzymes, yeasts or additives.Our life\’s work is to respect nature, wine, those who drink it… And tomorrow we’ll come up singing.


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