Domaine Léon Barral

In the beginning was the sky… then came the earth, and, much later, the land was filled with plant and animal life.From that moment on, everything was in place. Man could exploit the nourishing earth for better or for worse.Nowadays, farmers feed the planet, but destroy it at the same time. Sometimes they think they are doing the right thing, by ploughing too often, for example, which eventually damages the soil structure.We have to observe nature and to understand how microorganisms operate in order to see that tools and machinery can never replace the natural, gentle work of earthworms, insects and other creatures that travel through a maze of tunnels, creating a porosity that aerates the soil, making it permeable and alive.Invertebrates are therefore very welcome here! There’s grass in our vineyards and, amongst the grass, there are cows and horses. A whole, living world that lives together, each dependent on the other and each being vital to the balance of the biotope. Only when all of this is in place can we begin to talk about “terroir” and “natural” wine.


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