Domaine Kreyenweiss

Marc Kreydenweiss was born in Strasbourg in 1948 from a family of viticulturists who have resided in Alsace for three centuries; he has owned and managed the family domaine since 1971.In 1984 he decides to dedicate himself to produce only wines of exceptional quality. He chooses a new way of expression for his wines: The terroir. The wines have the finesse that made up their reputation, while keeping their concentration, complexity and long finish.In 1989, always concerned about producing quality wines, the Domaine begins producing following the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Thanks to the effort and the homeopathic treatments, the soils are alive, balanced and produce healthy, quality grapes.Emmanuelle, Manfred and Marc work at the Domaine that has a total area of 12 hectares. All of them are motivated by the same philosophy, and each person has a role – a history experienced at the family level to offer you the best of themselves.Alsatian geology is complex. Rock formations go back to the Primary era (schist), Secondary (sandstone) and even pre-Cambrian (de Ville schist). Risings, faults and glaciations created very different types of terrains coexisting side by side: in Andlau, just a road separates the hard black schist of Kastelberg from the soils made of pink, fine sandstone of Wiebelsberg.The vine takes advantage of the mineral richness of these decomposing soils mainly due to the biodynamic techniques applied, and because these vines are old and their roots penetrate to the deepest parts of the soil.The Grand Crus optimize the originality of these soils. The grapes are harvested when they are over-ripe and the yields do not surpass the 30-40 hl per hectare.The common trait of the terroirs from Andlau is their great mineral richness – without limestone – that is expressed in the wines: subtle, delicate with a great deal of finesse.


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