Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot

In the vineyards: protect the soil and the terroir typicity.Since 1985 both in his older vineyards as well as in his younger vineyards, Emmanuel Giboulot has worked on an organic basis. The vineyards are ploughed and he makes use of biodynamic preparations. He uses organic composts to stimulate the natural microbiological life of the soil. The results are excellent grape maturity with sugar levels at their optimum and a natural sugar to acidity balance. Harvest is entirely manual.Vinification: A search for quality, integrity and respect for the natural typicity of the grapes.Emmanuel only uses natural indigenous yeasts. The use of SO2 is careful and adapted to each particular wine. The white wines: alcoholic fermentation and maturing, over a period of 12 to 15 months, happens in small burgundian oak barrels.For the reds: the grape bunches are generally de-stemmed, sometimes only partially depending on the vintage. During the fermentation process the temperature is controlled. A limited proportion of new oak is used so as to not mask the primary characteristics of the fruit and to respect each terroir during maturation.


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