Between sky and sea, where the Pyrenees finds the Mediterranean Sea, the vineyard of Banyuls and Collioure is without any doubt one of the greatest of the world with 1700 hectares of steep schistous slopes falling into the sea.The Domaine du Traginer stands on steep schistous slopes of Banyuls sur Mer. It covers 7 hectares and benefits from a very sunny exposure; the wines come under the Collioure and Banyuls appellations. In 1988 Jean-Françoise started working on some vineyards using organic and biodynamic methods.Since September 1997, the vineyard has been changed to organic and biodynamic methods of cultivation in order to comply with ancestral traditions in their purest form. Accordingly, part of the vineyard is still ploughed with the help of a mule, guided by his “Traginer”, the Catalan term for muleteers. Anicet, Jean-Françoise’s uncle, is the last Traginer in Banyuls, as well as the most famous. Some vineyards have been ploughed by mules for more than 20 years.At Domaine du Traginer, we do not use yeasts and enzymes, nothing but very good grapes. Some wines are produced without sulfers. So that you can taste true wines.


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