Domaine de Villeneuve

Located in the North of the appellation, Villeneuve is at the crossroad of several very ancient geological evolutions of the soils.Red clay and loess lie on sand from the sea which was here millions of years ago and which also rolled the famous round stones of Châteauneuf du Pape. Yellow clay lies on sedimentary deposits. The clays together are the “bones” of the soil and the larger of the nutritive components of the organic matter, which is the basis of the life activity of the soil. Loess, sand and stones give porosity, which is the sign of the terroir’s quality.Villeneuve was taken over in 1993 by the Wallut and the du Roy de Blicquy families.The Winery:8.40 hectares producing around 25 hectoliters per hectare i.e. less than 3,000 bottles per vintage.Grape Varieties:Grenache 72%, Mourvèdre 15%, Syrah 5%, Cinsault 4%, the rest is white Clairette, Muscardin, Vaccerese, and the “salt and pepper” in the dish….Age of Vines:- Grenache, Cinsualt Syrah, and Mourvèdre are 30 to 95 years old.- Syrah is 5 to 11 years old.Viticulture:- 100% plowing, no weed killers, no chemicals used except sulphor.- We use Camomille tea, infusion of nettle or horsetail and special preparations currently used in biodynamic culture.Vinification:The basis is a top sanitary quality of the grapes. Careful sorting of grapes in the vineyards by Marie-Christine du Roy de Blicquy prevent the rotted bunches to be in contact with the sound ones.


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