Domaine de l’Ecu

This is a family-run estate with 21 hectares (52 acres) of vines, 16 hectares of which are planted with Melon de Bourgogne to produce “Muscadet Sèvre et Maine”, 3 hectares with Folle Blanche for “Gros-Plant du Pays Nantais”, 1 hectare with Cabernet for “Red Vin de Pays” and 1 hectare with Chardonnay for making sparkling wine. One distinctive feature of this estate is that it has been employing organic viticultural techniques since 1975, following 5 generations of traditional producers. Biodynamic methods were introduced in 1992 and were applied to our whole vineyard in 1996.Our entire production is monitored and certified by Demeter France.There is a sole purpose behind all these precautions – the enhancement of quality, for the greatest possible consumer enjoyment.


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