Domaine Borc Dodon

Denis Montanar comes from a long line of farmers. His commitment to this line of work began in 1989,when Denis rented out the vineyard owned by his grandfather. Soon after, he bought two additional acres for the beginning of a new vineyard. In 1995,together with his wife Alessia, Denis decided to purchase another ten and half acres, with annexed farm houses. Almost at the same time, Denis developed the idea of registering the mark for his wine calling it:”BORC DODON”, which in the local Friuli dialect was the name of the medieval hamlet where the present Montanar buildings (some of which incorporate building materials dating back to Roman times) are still located. For the past several years, in addition to the vineyards, Denis has set aside some acreage for the cultivation of maize meal. This is completely organic product, produced from ancient strands of maize and stoneground according to tradition. The cultivation of vineyards has been totally organic for the past eight years, while other agricultural products have been grown organically for the past three years. The Montanar family’s bottled wines are: Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, Uis Neris(which in the friulan dialect means “Black Grapes”),Uis Blancis (“White Grapes”),Verduzzo friulano, Tocai friulano and Merlot. Ultimately, the driving concept of the family’s production is both to maintain a traditional way of farming and to propagate the knowledge and appreciation of local culture and traditions.


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