Coturri Winery

Harry “Red” Coturri purchased the property which would become Coturri Winery in 1961. It has always been farmed using sustainable methods, and in 1991 the vineyards were certified organic by the CCOF. Starting 2004, conversion to biodynamics is underway.In 1979, Coturri Winery was officially bonded and since then had been handcrafting limited production wines in small batches on the slopes of Sonoma Mountain. This year they are celebrating their silver anniversary as the first winery in California to take organic farming and winemaking to the limit. From the start it has been Coturri’s mission to create wines that are as pure and natural as possible. They use only naturally occuring yeats, no chemicals or perservatives such as sulfites are added, no acid adjustment, no water, and they do not filter their wines – in fact there is only one ingreident in Coturri wines – grapes.The result is wines that are rich and extracted, darkly colored, and ripe and fruity. America’s foremost wine critic said this about Coturri, “One of the richest, most intense, well-balanced Zinfandels I have ever tasted… super rich pure examples of their varietals. They are too interesting and provocative not to recommend.” – Robert M Parker, Jr.


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