Château Tour Grise

“La Tour Grise” is a mansion in which the oldest parts were built in the 15th Century, typical of the Loire valley style.Our vineyard was planted with 15 hectares of Cabernet France and 5 hectares of Chenin. We have followed the Biodynamic method since 1998.We take care of the earth, by natural grassing between the rows, mowed only once a year before the crops so as to favor as much biodiversity in the vines. We hoe under each row and we run the vines gently from the pruning up to the harvest. We practice an early disbudding, but we do not trim. Everything is done to bring the grapes to a nice maturity. Soft vinification, no yeast and no chaptalization is used, along with a few sulphites. In our mind, the wine must reflect its origin, soil and vintage.


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