Château le Puy

Château le Puy lies on the same rock plateau as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, known in ancient times as “the Plateau of Wonders” because of the excellence of its wines. Château le Puy is on the Bordeaux Côtes de Francs area. We know that the AMOREAU family has been living and working on the Château le Puy estate since 1610.Culture is done according to ecosystem, organic and biodynamic methods.The harvest is done manually. No yeasting nor chaptalization is used. “Barthélemy”, “Marie-Cécile” and “Marie-Elisa” wines are raised by stirring without the addition of sulfites.After the fermentation the wine is racked off and poured into large casks and oak barrels. Two years later, bottling is done without filtering and with great care halfway into a waning moon.The longevity of many Château le Puy wines – some may last more than 60 years – is a result of their natural stability and their ideal storage conditions. The main characteristics are bright red glow with slight orangey glints (even in young wines), an intense bouquet characterized by the elegance and delicacy of its aromas and the incomparable softness of the tannins.


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